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Nungwi Beach, Tanzania

Nungwi Beach, Tanzania

Secluded beach with crystal clear waters in Zanzibar.

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Nungwi Beach is a tropical paradise that will leave you in awe. The crystal-clear turquoise waters and pristine white sandy beaches are perfect for sunbathing and swimming. The beach offers a wide range of water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and deep-sea fishing, allowing you to explore the vibrant marine life. Don't miss the chance to take a traditional dhow boat ride during sunset, offering breathtaking views. The local seafood is a must-try, with delicious dishes served at beachfront restaurants. The warm and friendly locals will make you feel welcome, adding to the overall charm of Nungwi Beach.

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However, be prepared for the high tourist traffic during peak seasons, which can make the beach crowded.

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